Luc J. France


Luc J. France joined the U.S. Army in 1986 at the age of 17 during the Cold War Era and served 4 years Honorably.

After returning to civilian life he was employed by the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department on Roosevelt Island, NY, for 3 years as a Public Safety Officer with Peace Officer Status.

Luc was then employed by the New York State Police in 1994 and was an appointed to the rank of Trooper. Unlike most State Police Agencies in the United States the NYSP does not only patrol highways but in vast areas in New York State are the primary police agency.

During his years as a Trooper, Luc conducted proactive and reactive investigations. Approximately 6 years later he was promoted to Investigator.

Mr. France was briefly assigned to a Narcotics Unit and later to the NYSP Special Investigations Unit (SIU) where he completed his 23-year career.

In the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), he has investigated voluminous amount of Felony Criminal Cases in the lower southeast part of NewYork State. He has investigated both Sensitive and Long-Term Investigations.

Luc is also trained in Case Development which includes obtaining detailed information through Investigative Research, Forensic Data Analysis, Interviews and Interrogations, along with both Physical and Electronic Surveillance when needed.

Luc has knowledge of the Court Process along with experience in providing Court Admissible Evidence and Testimony. And has also gained experience in both Background Checks and Dignitary Protection.

He was designated as both a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Special Federal Officer and a Deputized Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA) during his Law Enforcement Career.

Luc presently conducts pro bono Criminal Defense Investigations for the Office of the Public Defender, 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County.

Specialized Training

  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation School
  • Forensic Statement Analysis
  • Cellular Phone Investigations
  • Social Networking Investigations
  • Auto Crime School
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Crime Scene Management and Evidence Collection
  • Undercover Roles
  • Indoor Cannabis Grow Operations Investigations
  • Missing Person Toolbox
  • Uncovering Reasonable Doubt – The Component Method


His work experiences are strengthened with a high level of Integrity, Responsibility and Effort.

He has successfully performed his tasks with a high degree of professionalism that his previous employer felt gratified with his efforts in his previous work.

He believes in excellence and has always dedicated himself, his talents and his creative abilities to assure the successful accomplishment of any goal.

He is confident that he can use the skillsets he developed during his Law Enforcement Career towards his obligated duties as an Investigator in seeking the truth.